At Coral Mountain, we believe that each of us didn’t do ALL the damage – just a bit.

Everyone has been a contributor to environmental degradation and climate change.

Therefore, we should all do our bit to counteract the damage we have done – and still are doing. That means that everyone in each organisation has a role to play in reducing individual and workplace environmental impact. Whilst ensuring it makes commercial sense.

Coral Mountain was founded by Michelle Marks. The company was created from a combination of 20+ years strategic management and marketing know-how, with the desire for a better planet.

Sometimes, you can be so close to your offering that you overlook the obvious.  I take pride in working as if I am part of the business. At the same time, what I bring to the table is a new perspective.

Coral Mountain is a consultancy led by Michelle Marks. Alongside Michelle’s work, several associates provide clients with additional services supporting the development of sustainable businesses which reduce their environmental impacts.



The thing that makes Coral Mountain different from other environmental consultancies is the focus on people.

Putting systems in place is fundamental and I work closely with associates who provide that service. But any changes will only be effective when the people in the organisation feel inspired to be part of new sustainable ways of thinking.

Measuring progress is essential with any new development, but real achievement happens when everyone is on board with the new approach to how they do their job.

That’s where Coral Mountain comes in. My speciality is guiding people so they see the importance of sustainability, empowering them so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the size of the task and making them appreciate their role has a value.

The training and communication planning uses a range of techniques, adapted to each individual circumstance. Every workplace has its own culture, so engaging the workforce must be flexible.  What works in one company isn’t necessarily right for another organisation. What works in one department may differ from another part of the business.

Michelle is a Practitioner Member of IEMA and has been a Chartered Marketer for almost 20 years. To enhance her extensive industry experience, delivery of training courses is reinforced by her teaching qualification.

What matters are the outcomes – the aim is for everyone to share the same purpose, mission and vision, enjoy what they are doing and each feel they have an important part to play.

A sustainable future is built around an initiative where knowledge, trust and values are shared by everyone in the organisation, creating new ways of working together. Let’s start building your environmentally conscious business for a better future.

Coral Mountain’s Associates

Coral Mountain works with a range of associates to provide a complete sustainability platform under one wrapper.

Associates include; Environmental Auditors and providers of ISO14001 and Small Green Business services, digital platform provider for tracking impact and energy managers.

If you provide relevant services and would like to work with Coral Mountain, get in touch for a friendly exploratory conversation.

Professional Membership

In this ever changing world, ongoing training and development is vital to stay well-informed of advances. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is second nature to Michelle and Coral Mountain’s associates.

Memberships include:

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