Our Sustainability Programmes are PROVEN to Increase Profits

The Business Case for designing and implementing  an Environmental Policy is clear. 

The financial risk of ignoring the environmental crisis is far greater than the benefits of investing in a Sustainability Programme.

At Coral Mountain, we work with you to help you understand  the commercial value of reducing your environmental impact.

Your Sustainability Programme starts with a review of your current activity and we build your programme from there.

With a background in marketing and driving profitability, our programmes focus on communication, engagement and culture change.


Learn How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact at Work
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Beyond The Pandemic: Seven Simple Steps to a Sustainability Culture

How our Sustainability Programmes can Improve Your Business

  • Attract more customers: A massive 62% of customers include ‘green issues’ as part of their buying decisions
  • Win contracts: Implementing an active Environmental Policy can make or break a successful tender bid
  • Motivate employees: Almost 9/10ths of employees whose companies do not make a positive impact would like to work for one which does
  • Compliance: Two thirds of businesses are breaking the law when disposing of waste – Yet managing your waste generally saves SMEs £5,000pa and can save £10,000
  • Control running costs: Reducing your carbon footprint means reducing utility bills for your company – Payback times for energy saving investments can be as little as 12 months and grants may be available.


An Introduction to Sustainability is a MUST for every company – no matter what size.” 
Margaret Hartley, Benchmark Marketing Services

A strong focus on engagement and culture

Tap into your company’s potential to reduce environmental impact; Bring your people with along with you…

…Because being ecological and prosperous demands more than just installing a system.

Sustainability is embedded when it becomes an integral part of everyone’s activities…

… To do this successfully requires a commitment to shifting thinking, coupled with thorough planning.

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