Food Sector

“A third of ALL food produced is wasted…
…Foodwaste accounts for 8-10% of global emissions.”

The Food Sector has been facing its greatest challenge with the Covid-19 outbreak. Businesses have been tested to breaking point, affirming the necessity for resilience in the UK’s food system.

Understanding supply chains, reducing food waste and other resource usage, meeting customers’ requirements for sustainably sourced products has never been higher up the agenda.

Sustainability starts with making a commitment to addressing all these issues. Your unique Sustainability Programme will;

  • Achieve long term benefits by measuring improvement and sharing results
  • Raise awareness of everyone’s role in your organisation through training
  • Reduce environmental impact by initiating new environmentally sound behaviours

Food Processing and Manufacturing


Food Service and Hospitality


Almost 20% of foodwaste in the UK occurs during manufacturing and processing.

If you are wasting food, it’s costing your business as well as the planet.

A key element of your Sustainability Programme is identifying and eliminating foodwaste and other losses from your processes.

Once identified, new improved systems can be developed. Staff training then raises awareness and knowhow about the new procedures.

The food service sector is responsible for 10% of the UK’s foodwaste costing 5.2bn.

If you are wasting food, it’s costing your business as well as the planet.

The trend is growing; clients and their customers are asking for evidence that your service is environmentally sensitive.

As the country rebuilds, businesses which include environment and sustainability are more likely to appeal to an increasingly discerning clientele.

What will it cost you to be left behind?

“I was surprised by the number of small steps I can take within my business to become more sustainable, both in the short and longer term. Michelle was very effective at breaking the component parts down to enable action leading to measurable results. Thank you!”

Caroline Pearman, Business Owner, Caroline’s Cakes

Tracking – Food Waste and Other Resources

We use a digital platform to measure and track your foodwaste. The cost of this excess directly affects bottom line.  If you’ve ever heard the saying “What you don’t measure, you can’t manage,” you’ll appreciate that this is true of all the wastes you produce.  

By measuring where costly wastes are occurring, we can put in a plan to change behaviours and reduce what goes in the bin.

Nutritional Therapist

Tap into the services of our experienced Nutritional Therapist to create menus which are;

  • Appealing to your customers – including children if you provide school meals
  • Nutritionally balanced, visually appealing and planet conscious
  • Seasonal, locally sourced and cost effective

We understand that hospitality and contract catering menus work to a tight budget. Controlling foodwaste is just one way to reduce costs, which can be offset against choosing quality sustainable ingredients.  Ask us how you can modify menus to meet these challenges.

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