Attract the best Hospitality Workers

Attracting and retaining good staff is a challenge for all industries, but none more so than the hospitality sector.

This sector traditionally sees high turnover from a broad range of people with differing backgrounds and cultures.  Finding an elusive answer to retaining a high quality workforce who have so many different values can be challenging to the point of overwhelming.

So what if you could provide your teams, no matter how large or small, with something which they all have in common?

Valuing Good Staff Bring Business Benefits

Suppose this common purpose benefits them as individuals, encouraging them to stay with you for longer and value working with you. And what if the same thing which provides this shared set of values also increases your profitability and resilience? How about also attracting new customers to the business? Even better, what if this amazing thing also helps you fulfill your obligations to protect nature and food supply in our resource challenged world?

Training for a Shared Purpose

That thing exists. It’s called the environment.  We all share the planet we live on. More and more of us want to reverse the terrible mess we have created. This shared purpose starts with raising awareness of the issues and empowering each individual to feel important in the fight against climate change. That couldn’t be easier than with a day’s worth of training called Carbon Literacy Sustainable Food. The rest will follow. A well planned Sustainability Programme brings a myriad of benefits to an organisation and its workforce, whatever the size.

The course content is devised to be accessible to those without a science background. The focus is on positivity and the difference everyone can make as an individual and through working in a group setting.

Engaging Everyone; Carbon Literacy Sustainable Food

Implementing a Sustainability Programme starts with raising awareness through training. Alongside the new knowledge, The Carbon Literacy Sustainable Food training results in the ability for each individual to contribute to reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Follow that thought through and reduced emissions invariable means a positive impact on the profitability of the company. Lower energy bills, less food waste, compliance with environmental legislation (avoiding reputational damage) all amounting to improvement in the bottom line.

A Win for All

It’s all positive, so in essence, building a culture around climate change is a win-win-win.

  • A win for the business; by developing a loyal workforce who attract more guests and reduce costs.
  • A win for your teams; by empowering individuals and enhancing their wellbeing, you create a sense of purpose and desire to remain with a considerate employer.
  • A win for the environment; outcomes include less food waste, lower carbon footprint through less energy usage and less pollution. Behaviour change, informed ingredient sourcing and equipment procurement all contribute to enhancing the natural world.

That’s what’s called the Triple Bottom Line or People Planet Profit. Time and again, Sustainability Programmes have demonstrated all these benefits.  So isn’t it time you progressed your Net Zero plan and involving everyone in your organisation?

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For more on developing your Environmental Plan, complete Sustainability Programmes and other services, drop me a line and we’ll start the conversation.

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