There’s no question that investing in ISO14001 is a major commitment. To fulfil the requirements of the ISO14001 update entails time, resources and people.

Invest in Results

If you are making these investments into your business, you should be asking, “What are the ongoing benefits of implementing this Environmental Management System (EMS)?”

When the potential is realised, well documented research points to the following results:
• Reduction in waste and associated costs
• Control of utility usage including power and water
• Strengthened internal communications networks
• Increased employee motivation and retention
As well as
• The ability to tender for certain contracts.

Take the Long View

Deciding to progress with the Environmental Standard is for the long term. Whether you are embarking on accreditation for the first time or updating from the 2015 version, it’s important to understand how it can bring added value to the organisation. That means knowing how to ensure you are maximising the potential of the EMS.

Developing an environmental policy is a strategic decision which undoubtedly creates competitive advantage. But as with such decisions, this is only true if it is acted upon. This entails interpreting the data captured by the system and applying it so it becomes valuable information.

Who needs to Involved with Actioning the EMS?
Be a Leader – The ISO14001 Update Insists on it!

Simply having an EMS in a drawer will bring nothing to the table. Only if you use the EMS to reduce your Environmental Impact will the investment be meaningful.

Evidence shows that changing people’s behaviour at work to incorporate sustainability is more likely to happen if the management must lead by example. This is probably why the new ISO14001 update includes elements of leadership, commitment and better communication within the fulfilment criteria.

One Day Course

ISO14001 Update – The Transition from :2004 to :2015
Focus on Leadership Commitment and Communication

Coral Mountain is running a one day course in to help you understand the requirements of the ISO14001 update, how to implement them and the benefits to your business.

Whether you are new to ISO14001 or updating from version 2004 to the new 2015 edition, this course applies to your business.
For details and booking, contact us Contact Coral Mountain by email or phone.
The course will run in Yorkshire and the North East.

We look forward to showing you how to create a better future for your business and for the world.

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